Prayer Request



I’ve been praying for God to show me, lead me, direct me, slap me in the face, or something of that nature. I have poured so much into my blog over the last five years; however, since the twins were born I’ve slacked. I wouldn’t call it writers’ block. I would like to call it a lack of direction. I did not want to fall into the crowd of other mom bloggers who write the play by play of the day. If you are one of those bloggers, that’s great. I probably follow you and giggle at your crazy days. I’m entertained by those women, but I just do not feel like that is me. I cannot exactly continue to write solely about infertility … well because I kicked infertility’s rear. Do you see my problem?

Where do I go?! 

A few months ago God placed a woman in my path. Maybe He placed me in her path? (We shall refer to her as C.) Either way, she reached out to me about my blog. As I got to know her and heard more of her story, it hit me. I kicked infertility’s rear and proved a few doctors wrong {pointing at the town of Tullahoma}, now it is time for me to be the hand to hold, shoulder to cry on, and encouragement someone else might need. It is time to pay it all forward. All of it.

I’ve prayed about this for several weeks. I just didn’t know what to do and it wasn’t very clear where God wanted me. In moments like that, I wish He could just send me an email or something. Like… can I get some very clear instructions here, please?! It all seemed a little fuzzy, and I wasn’t sure what direction God wanted me to take this desire. So I waited. and waited. and waited. Then my friend, Kayla, reached out to me about some thoughts she had been tossing around. I prayed over that conversation, but still didn’t “feel” the calling for my next steps. So I waited some more. THEN, it hit me. I was texting C one day. She was telling me about a support group she had attended. She told me some of the things the host said within the group. It made my heart hurt. She said things you should NEVER say to someone faced with infertility. In that moment, I knew I could do better. I knew I wanted to be an encouragement. I needed to turn this desire into action.

How do I make it happen? 

I have all of these ideas swimming around in my mind, but I haven’t quite decided how to make them a reality. I cannot decide how to put this new venture into action. Here are some things I have to consider:

  • Location: Obviously I cannot welcome everyone into my home filled with toddler toys. As personal and private as those gatherings would be, I just do not feel like it would be the best environment for women who are struggling.
    • Another option is a local coffee shop or cafe. I just need a table, a room, anything! My concern with this option is I do not want everyone to feel like they have to buy a meal every time they come. I also wonder how private this option would be. I mean if we are all sitting around a table crying, I don’t want to scare off the other people in the cafe. I also want the women to feel comfortable sharing and discussing. I’m not sure a cafe would offer that type of comfort.
  • Will anyone actually come?: I’ve been doing a bit of research the last few weeks. One of my biggest concerns is nobody will come or everyone will come. I do not want to limit the group to only women who are dealing with infertility, but everything I’ve read says I need to do so. Maybe once I get a feel for how the group will go, we will be able to open it up to women who have recently experienced a miscarriage, couples, and maybe even women who are choosing adoption. So with all of that being said, I’ll either have nobody at the group meetings or I’ll have several. I. Just. Don’t. Know.
  • Materials: If any of you are familiar with RESOLVE, you know they have an amazing program for Peer Led Support Groups. Coincidentally, there is not a RESOLVE support group in my area. The closest one is in Nashville, which is over an hour away. I have listened to the tele-seminar on starting a peer led support group, and I’ve received the information on how to start the group. I’ve also received the application I have to submit to RESOLVE in order to be “official”. They lay everything out for you in a host packet so you can get started, BUT faith is not mentioned. RESOLVE is not founded on a particular religion; therefore, as a RESOLVE host, they would discourage me from speaking about faith. Therein lies my problem. How do I encourage women without mentioning faith? How do I close a meeting without having prayer?

I want to hear your thoughts. Those of you who have attended or are attending support groups, what are some things you like about your group? What are some things you do not necessarily like? Do you use a book? Where do you meet? Let me hear it!

Please pray for me and this desire in my heart. I feel like my mind is going in so many directions as I try to iron out the details and make this a reality.