Family Vacation

Oh Hey!

The twins celebrated turning 9 months old while soaking up some sun in Orange Beach, Alabama this week. I must admit… I was dreading this vacation. I started packing a week before we left out of fear we would forget something. Needless to say, we did not forget anything, but we did have to run to the closest Walmart at least twice to buy more wipes and diapers! I guess I never realized just how many diapers we go through in a week since I always have a stock pile readily available in our nursery at home. In case you are wondering, the magic # was over 54 . Yes. Two little 9 month olds went through over 54 diapers in just 4 and a half days.

For the most part, we had a wonderful vacation! Ryker and Averlee were so well behaved (for 9 month olds) everywhere we went! Dinner was super easy each evening since we were at the beach during the off season. We walked right in and were seated immediately everywhere we went. Our food came out pretty quickly too which made things so much easier!

The twins also enjoyed having their big brother, Gavin with them all day everyday for 5 days solid! They enjoyed playing in the pool, the splash pad area, on the beach, and in the floor of the condo. Averlee loved playing in the sand more than Ryker. For some reason, Ryker always wanted to curl up under the beach shade and take a nap when we were on the beach.

Things I learned with babies at the beach:
☆ baby powder is great for getting sand off of hands and faces.
☆there’s no such thing as having too many baby wipes
☆ babies eat sand… and it doesn’t kill them. So don’t fret when they keep putting their hands in their mouth. It happens.
☆ a wagon is a must! We had a collapsible on we use to haul our stuff at ballgames. It worked great for toting the babies from the condo, to the pool, then to the beach. We had room to put their toys, a small cooler, towels, and our beach bag too. It was a bit of a challenge rolling it in the sand, but totally worth the struggle!

I’ll have their official 9 month post up after we make it back home to Tennessee! Happy Thursday!