out with the old

This is not a recap. . .

Ok. Maybe it is a little.

This year…

  • Trey and I both celebrated our 31st birthdays and our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Gavin made the Harris Middle school baseball and basketball teams.
  • Averlee became the first of my three kids to take a ride in an ambulance.
  •  I dove in and co-founded a faith-based infertility prayer (support) group. {You can read more about Seeds of Hope here. }
  • Ryker started talking and has not slowed down since. . .
  • We took a quick family vacation to Cincinnati.
  • We made a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama for the 2nd year in a row.
  • I repaired a couple broken friendships.
  • I ran my first Ragnar Relay …. and loved it so much I decided to help captain a team for 2017. Call me crazy ’cause I am.

Most of all, 2016 blessed us with so many opportunities to celebrate and enjoy our little family of 5. Trey and I are so grateful for the blessings we were given throughout the year and we look forward to what 2017 has in store for us.


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