Impossible? No.

Matthew 19:26 tells us: “Jesus looked at them intently and said, ‘Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”‘ NIV af76fa1e038817477675f2dadc1f421c


Believe in the impossible. 

Ya’ll. Do you ever feel like you are consumed with a million reasons why something will not work? Are you like me and you constantly think of the worst case scenario before you even consider the best possible outcome? Just this past week, satan has been after my heart. That’s so hard for me to admit, but it is true. He’s been filling my head with doubt. I’ve been discouraged. I’ve been overwhelmed.  Those are not feelings from God. With God, nothing is impossible. If I allow satan to control my thoughts though, I may begin to believe God can’t handle whatever is thrown at me.

As a thirty-one year-old woman who has not exactly had a spotless medical history, it is very important for me to keep an eye on my health. I’ve worked super hard to make sure I take better care of myself than I did in my late teens and early twenties. Just last week, as I was doing my monthly breast exam, I noticed a knot that had not been there before. I immediately panicked and convinced myself this was something I should be concerned with. I prayed about it that night and trusted I would wake up the next morning and the knot wouldn’t be there. It was though. So I brushed it off and tried to stay calm. I told myself I would check it again the next day (Friday) and call my doctor if it was still there. On Friday morning at 11:15, I found myself in the waiting room of my trusted OB/GYN waiting for my name to be called… yet again. This was familiar territory for me; however, this time I was more anxious than normal. As I looked at my twins in their stroller, I couldn’t help but wonder what would be ahead of us. What would I find out in the next thirty minutes? Will this visit change our lives?

After an exam by one of the nurse practitioners, I was able to brush my worries aside. In that moment, God answered my prayer. The knot is not something I should be too alarmed about. Just to ease our minds, I will have an ultrasound today.

I need to be around to see my kids get married. I need to help Averlee pick out her wedding dress. I need to see the look on Ryker and Gavin’s faces when each of them see their wives walk down the aisle on their wedding days. Of course tomorrow is never promised, but I am standing in faith that God has this under control.

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