Twinning Isn’t Easy


We have somehow survived almost 19 months as the parents of twins. I want to place extra emphasis on that statement. We have somehow almost survived. There are days when I’m not sure I will make it until bedtime. There are days when I wish nap time was at 9:00am and lasted until after lunchtime. I’m just being honest!

I must admit this is probably the funniest stage/ phase/ season so far. Ryker has become a little chatter box with his vocabulary. He loves to talk about tractors, hay, cows, birds, his big brother, and Daddy.  Averlee is … sassy. So so sassy. It is so fun to just watch her as she struts from one thing to another. She loves to clean. She will pick up the tiniest piece of lint or cat hair and toss it in the trash. She’s Mommy’s little helper too. She likes to be right by my side when I’m doing laundry. She will pull each piece out of the dryer and hand it to me. It is the sweetest.

They both have developed their own little unique personalities. Ryker has a little temper and is very stubborn at times. He is a Mommy’s baby. He loves for me to hold him as long as Big Bro isn’t around. If Gavin is around, Ryker is 100% Big Bro’s baby. Averlee gets her feelings hurt easily, but will stand her ground when it comes to handling her twin brother. She loves her Daddy so much. She will run to him if she needs help with something. Seriously, if he is around she will run right past me and straight to him. It’s sweet. I am a Daddy’s girl myself so it is so cute to see her love her own Daddy so much.

As for me, everyday is an adventure. Just last week Ryker emptied the laundry room trash in the floor twice in one day. He also proceeded to pour the dog’s water in the floor WITH the trash he had dumped. They are both so quick. They definitely keep me on my toes. There isn’t much sitting around sipping coffee and watching them play peacefully in the floor anymore. They are so busy. They are so energetic. They wear me out, but I’m enjoying every moment as much as I can.

This is the most challenging season we’ve encountered so far, but it is also the most fun. When I was pregnant with them, I would daydream and wonder what they would be like. Would they be best friends? Would Averlee love baby dolls? Would Ryker love dinosaurs? What would they like to do daily? It is so neat to see them develop into their own little people.


on June 25th we took R&A to Lucky Ladd Farms in Eagleville, TN for Construction Day. Check out their Facebook page {link above} for upcoming events this summer! 

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