The Hearts Behind Seeds of Hope: Kari 

Introducing: Kari
Hi y’all! My name is Kari. I am just days away from my 31st birthday. I have been married to my husband, Trey, for four years. I have a 12-year-old son, Gavin, from a previous marriage. Trey and I welcomed our boy/ girl twins, Ryker and Averlee, into our family in December of 2014. We have a shi tzu named Harper, a cat named Tabby, and a golden lab named Foxy.
I’m a planner. I planned to have two kids. Imagine my disappointment when I had a doctor look me in the eyes after my second miscarriage and tell me I wouldn’t be able to have more children. I was barely 24.
I met Trey in 2010. We began dating in April of 2011. Before our May 2012 wedding, the topic of children came up in pre-marital counseling. He wanted two kids. I told him about my previous history, but deep down I had a feeling maybe that doctor was wrong. A few months after our wedding, we decided we would begin trying. I stopped taking birth control pills. When I stopped taking the pills, I also stopped having periods.
After two months of no period, I began to worry. After changing Ob/Gyn’s twice, I finally had a doctor who would listen to my concerns. I began my first round of Clomid in April of 2013. Three rounds of Clomid, two rounds of Femara, and one IUI later, I found myself facing surgery to repair an overstimulated ovary, removal an 8cm cyst from my left ovary, and removal of endometriosis. In December of 2013 I was referred to Nashville Fertility Clinic where my husband I and did two rounds of injectables and IUIs. In December of 2014, I gave birth to Ryker and Averlee at 34 weeks.
I’ve prayed for God to show me what I can do to help other women. I know when I was in the middle of my own infertility journey, I felt like nobody else understood my heartache. I want each of you to understand – You are NOT alone. I have been praying for you for the last two years. I have been praying for God to show me a way I can use my story to help other women. He has laid Seeds of Hope on my heart. I hope that through this group, Kayla and I will be able to offer encouragement, support, and shed some light during what is such a dark and trying time for so many women.

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