Toddler Time: Let’s Be Real

The purpose of my Toddler Time Posts is to show everyone it isn’t always cute poses, sing-alongs, and happy hugs. This is just a peek inside the crazy life I live. My non-sugarcoated way of proving I do not have it all together. 


It never fails. Anytime I am out in public with Ryker and Averlee, it always happens. At least one person will stop me and say, “You have your hands full!”. My response is always the same. “I do but I love it!” I then smile and go back refereeing their shopping buggy quarrels.

The truth is, I do have my hands full… now! Looking back on the sleepless newborn nights, days of changing diaper after diaper, pumping, then feeding, then pumping again, I cannot help but think how simple those days seem compared to what my days are now! Seriously. Now the sleepless nights are due to teething babies who cannot sleep. Even when Averlee isn’t cutting a tooth, she still insists on waking promptly between the hours of 11pm and 1am and again between 3am and 5am. When she wakes, it is usually because she lost her paci. *Yes. She’s 15 months and still has a paci. I can feel your judging eyes now. Thanks.* Sometimes it is just because she hates her crib, her room, or maybe she just hates knowing everyone is asleep and she isn’t? I’ve asked her what the issue is on numerous occasions in the wee dark hours of the night. She has yet to respond. I’m sure in a few months she will enlighten us. Maybe.

Oh and let’s not forget how mobile and independent my tiny toddlers have become! The days of carrying them where I want them to go are over. They have their own agenda now which involves (on the daily) trying to climb stairs, unplugging night lights, hiding behind curtains, opening the kitchen garbage can, stepping in the cat water, stomping dog food on the laundry room floor, and opening cabinets. Daily. We bought all of the childproofing items Lowe’s had to offer, but they are no match for the Bell twins. They work together to remove the locks on the cabinets. They get stuck IN the gate at the bottom of the stairs. I’ve even caught Ryker carrying around a makeshift stool so he can reach the photos on the entryway table. Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Ryker and his “stool”.

The truth is- at the end of the day by 2:00pm everyday, I’m exhausted. My heart is so happy though. My hands may be full, but my heart is overflowing. There are days when I feel like I absolutely cannot say, “No Ryker. Don’t do that Averlee!” one more time. I also have days when I cannot wait for them to wake up from nap so we can play or go to the park. This is not an easy job, but I definitely cannot think of a better job for me right now. It was a long road to get here, but I’m enjoying the scenery now.

They were chatting about outside and pointing at the pool.


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