Twin Adventures – 13 Month Installment

Ryker and Averlee are 13 months old today! Do people say that? Or is it safe for me to just say, “They are 1” and leave it at that? Eh. They are 13 months. I must say, this is a FUN age, but it has also been a challenging age!

13 Months Old and dressed for church

Ryker is training for his first baby marathon I believe. He has two speeds. Sleeping and Running. There is nothing in between. He’s either knocked out or he’s running full speed ahead. He’s still eating anything and everything we put in front of him. He has a total of 6 teeth (2 bottom and 4 top). He moved into his own room two nights ago. He loves to play with a ball, his bulldozer, his big brother, and his puppy, Harper. 

Never a dull moment with Ryker. He’s quite busy! 

Averlee is still trying to decide if she wants to walk soon or not. I’m completely ok with her crawling for a little while longer since it is easier for me to chase Ryker if I’m carrying her versus chasing them both. I have a feeling she is about to take off though. She is such a picky eater! We still have to give her jar baby food from time to time because she refuses to cooperate when it comes to eating table foods sometimes. Typical girl. She loves to play with her tea pot, tea cups, and baby doll. She has even decided she can tolerate a small bow in her hair from time to time. *Score!* Averlee has 5 teeth (2 bottom and 3 top). 

Group photo…fail. 

As for me… I’m surviving. I’ve learned to just roll with the punches. There will be a day when I will be caught up on laundry. I will shower daily. My hair will not be in a messy bun. I will be able to read a book. I will have complete conversations with fellow adults. That day will not be today though. or tomorrow. or anytime in the next 4 years. I’ve learned WHEN to wave my little white flag and call my mom. I’ve allowed myself to admit when I need a break and it is completely ok for me to say, “I need a minute or 60 to myself”. I went through a time where I felt so guilty for wanting some time by myself, but I now have no problem telling my husband he needs to handle things for a little while so I can take a breather. 

This is an adventure for sure. It is challenging. It is exhausting at times. It is rewarding. It is literally a dream come true. 

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