We are 11 Months Old

Three years ago, I never would’ve imagine I would one day be writing a blog update for my 11 month old baby. Today I’m writing a blog update for not one but TWO babies! I’m so grateful for these two little tots. 

Ryker and Averlee are into everything. EVERY. SINGLE. THING they can get their hands on. Playing in toilets, putting things in their mouths, pulling each others hair, throwing things at each other, chasing Harper (our 3 year old Shi tzu), and trying to “help” unload the dishwasher. There is never a dull moment with these 2. 

Here are a few pics from their 9 month 1photo session, which was actually a week before they turned 10 months. . . 


Nickname(s): We call him Ry, Ry or Ryker Roo

Favorite Food(s):  He loves bananas, fresh fruit, avocado, grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt, steamed veggies and basically anything I’ve given him so far. The child will eat anything. I hope he continues to eat so well! 

Teeth: Ryker currently has 4 teeth. 2 top and 2 bottom. He likes to use them to eat, but he also uses them to bite me. Not cool at all. 

Words: He says “mama” “dada” “ball”. He babbles all of the time. We just can’t figure out what he’s saying. ha! 

What’s He Up To?: Crawling, pulling up, standing, eating, throwing his ball. He loves to hide and have someone find him. He lights up as soon as he hears his big brother’s voice. He is so in love with his big brother. It just melts my heart. Ryker is a very patient, calm baby. He also recently decided he likes to be rocked to sleep. Ryker sleeps through the night all night, every night. 


Nickname(s): Averlee Beth, Vee Vee, or AB …. because saying “Averlee Elizabeth!!” 57 times a day is just too hard! 

Favorite Food(s):  Gerber Puffs. She’s still not sure about all of the table food we have offered to her. She prefers to stick to baby food on a spoon for now. 

Teeth: Averlee has one bottom tooth! She had such an awful time cutting that ONE tooth. I’d be ok with her holding off on cutting anymore for a couple weeks. 

Words: She says “mama” and “dada”. She also babbles a lot, but we can’t decipher what she’s saying half of the time. I’m sure there are a few words in there somewhere.  

What’s She Up To?: Crawling, pulling up, standing, eating, torturing Ryker. Averlee likes to take stuff away from Ryker. If Ryker is playing with his ball, Averlee will take it from him. If Ryker is sipping his cup, she will take it away from him and drink out of it herself. Averlee is into everything. She likes to pull all of the diapers off of the changing table, tear pages out of books, smear food all over her highchair, her face, and her hair. She smiles with her entire face. She does not sleep through the night. We do good for her to sleep 3 hours solid. 

I cannot believe I am planning a birthday party. This all still seems so unreal to me. For so long I hoped and prayed for these 2 precious little lives and now they are here!