7 Months Old and Other News

Ah yes. We have made it to the 7 month mark. *Actually we made it there almost a week ago. Forgive me please.* Where oh where has time gone?! I should probably start pondering 1st birthday themes, right? Too soon?

The last 7 months feel like a complete blur. People say “they’ll be grown up before you know it!” Seriously. If it wasn’t for my iPhone (which crashed a couple months ago btw), iPad, and our camera, I do not think I would be able to wrap my head around just how far we have come since the days of less than 5lbs, feedings every 2 hours, and the tiny, tiny outfits. They have grown and changed so much!


Nickname(s): We’ve come to call him Ryker Roo or Ry Ry. I’m convinced he will grow up introducing himself as “Ryker Roo”.

Favorite Food(s): Anything on a spoon. Seriously. The kid will eat anything. I have only come across one Gerber baby food he doesn’t like and that’s peas. I despise peas myself, so I cannot really blame him for not liking them!

What’s He Up To?: Ryker has mastered the art of sitting up. He has started reaching for me if he wants me to pick him up. He wants to crawl so badly, but he hasn’t figured out how to get his arms and legs to move at the same time. He wears a permanent smile on his face all of the time. He loves loves loves to play in the floor. He loves to drink water from his sippy cup. He enjoys trying to squeeze his sister’s head, stealing her paci, and just touching her in general. Unfortunately, his sister does not enjoy having her head squeezed, paci stolen, or to be touched by him in general. He is determined to make her his best pal though. I admire his efforts. haha.


Nickname(s): We pretty much just call her Averlee or Averlee Beth. Occasionally Gavin (big bro) will call her “little girl”. I’m sure Ryker will give his sister a new name as soon as he is able to come up with one!
Favorite Food(s): She’s a banana gal. We have had a lot of trouble with her super duper sensitive tummy and GERD . We have tried introducing baby foods very slowly; however, her poor little tummy just cannot handle much at once. Hence her small size. She does love to eat apples, bananas, peaches, and occasionally she will eat a container of green beans. She enjoys her bottles every 3 hours. We are currently giving her 4oz bottles during the day and a 6oz bottle at bedtime with an itty bitty sprinkle of rice cereal.
What’s She Up To?: Averlee has mastered sitting up, reaching for objects, and throwing all of her toys off of her high chair tray and into the floor. She shows no desire to crawl at the moment. She seems more of a “watch and wait” type person. She watches Ryker bounce, scoot, and wiggle all over our living room. She is perfectly content sitting in one spot and playing with whatever she can get her hands on. Also, if there was a baby Olympics, she would be trying out for the swimming team. The girl LOVES to swim in the pool. I’ve been known to throw her little swim suit on her and get in the pool on days when nothing else seems to make her happy.
I have to say, THIS age has been my favorite so far! I do miss the cuddly, itty bitty newborn stage (just a little), but this age is much more fun. They are each growing into their individual personalities. I can sit them in the floor while I read book after book to them. They babble. They play together. They smile and giggle. I have told my husband numerous times that I wish I could just keep this size forever!
One more pic before I go….

photo credits to Jenna Henderson @  http://jennahenderson.com/