Four Months

We’ve made it. Ryker and Averlee are four months old! It was only fitting for them to turn four months old on April 3rd. Exactly one year after my first positive pregnancy test that ended up being a false positive. Here we are today. Our prayers were answered in God’s time and not our own. I knew that would be the way it would work out all along. I knew God had a plan and I shouldn’t question it. I knew that. I had trouble letting go of my own plan though. Today I sit here with messy, unwashed hair… spit up on my shirt… a dirty house… and a full heart. I feel like I could thank God daily for the rest of my life and it will never be enough. I’m so grateful for this experience. I’m so thankful for unanswered prayers that led to these two perfect little miracles.

I also want to add that in the last year, I have been contacted my a number of women who were touched or inspired by our journey. In the last year I have held hands, cried, and prayed with women who are walking a similar path I once walked. My heart aches for them. The pain of infertility is still so fresh in my heart. Everytime someone (often strangers) say, “Oh are they twins? Bless your heart. Your hands are full.” I want to jump up and down and explain to them how hard I prayed and how long I fought just to have ONE baby. Don’t say “Bless your heart.” out of pity for me. I do not need pity! My heart is so full just like my hands. I love every moment of it. I fought hard to have this. There are so many women who would give anything to have just one baby. My heart still aches. Now my heart aches for those women and not myself though.

Here are a few pics from their 3 month photo session.