Preparing For Our Miracles – 27 Weeks

It is Columbus Day! That probably means absolutely nothing to 80% of the U.S. population, but to me it means I did not have to get all dolled up to go to work this morning. That’s right. I’m off work! It is nice being off work and not being on bedrest or having to go to the doctor. I feel pretty great today aside from a small case of the sniffles, so I plan to spend the day cleaning up the house a bit.

This week is week 27 of our amazing miracle. We are officially to the point where people (strangers even) ask us, “How much longer do you have?” instead of “When are you due?” or “How far along are you?” We have 11 weeks left. That’s right. E-L-E-V-E-N. I cannot wrap my mind around how quickly we flew through the 2nd trimester. It seemed like the 1st trimester lasted forever. I was just counting down the days until week 14 so maybe – just MAYBE I would not be so sick and could actually enjoy my pregnancy and my growing bump. Week 14 came and as expected, the nausea, vomiting, and fatigue began to improve. Now here we are at the end of the 2nd trimester. It is bittersweet. I have enjoyed the 2nd trimester for the most part aside from the back pain and excessive trips to the bathroom.  A part of me is so ready to see Ryker and Averlee’s sweet little faces, but another part of me just wants to savor these last few weeks of feeling little baby kicks, punches, and rolls inside of the womb I was told several years ago would never hold another child. I cannot believe we have made it this far. My heart is overflowing. God is so good! Praise God.  

Week 27 will be full of excitement. We have our maternity pictures this evening. Our last 2nd trimester ultrasound and doctor appointment are on Wednesday. Our first baby shower is on Sunday. This is really happening. This is all for our precious little miracle babies. We are overjoyed and so very blessed.

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