Wedding To Do List: Done and Done….

We have 83 days and 4 hours until the BIG DAY….

Thanks to our hectic schedules, we have become the couple who fall off the face of the Earth on random weekends just so we can get things done. Shew. Yesterday began bright and early with a breakfast from Hardee’s drive thru, a quick trip to Trey’s work, and an hour drive to McMinnville. We finished the day with our engagement session at Arrington Vineyards, picking up shirts and ties from Men’s Warehouse, and dinner at Bonefish.  This morning I woke up to go to Trey’s so I could send him off on yet another work trip.  Oh and did I mention all 175 of our wedding invitations arrived yesterday? *sigh*… I almost feel like we are on the home stretch now.

We ventured to McMinnville yesterday morning to register at this amazing store– Southern Traditions. I fell in love as soon as I walked through the door and saw the Vera Bradley display. Since Vera Bradley gifts aren’t part of a bridal registry, I had to put off my Vera browsing until after we were finished though.

Words cannot even begin to express how awesome this store is. I wanted 1 of everything!  We managed to finally decide on some beautiful china, flatware, silver, and a few random fun serving pieces for the football parties we plan to have this year. It was so fun! I love how Trey has pretty much the same taste I do. We would be looking at some pieces, and he would say, “I like this one” or “I don’t like that one”. Luckily, the ones he liked were also the ones I liked. Registering for china was much easier than I had anticipated it would be since he DID offer input!
I was so nervous. I was so so so nervous. I had never done anything like this before. I was unsure of what to expect. I couldn’t decide what to wear. My blow dryer overheated halfway through me blow drying my hair. I couldn’t get my hair to curl the way I had wanted it to. My bangs were in my face. I couldn’t get my makeup to cover up how badly my face has broken out this week.  It just seemed like I was doomed from the get-go.

Of course our engagement session HAD to take place at Arrington Vineyards. As soon as Stacy started snapping photos…. I was no longer nervous. It just seemed so natural. Trey was so calm and kept making me laugh. THIS WAS FUN!!!! Stacy is so creative and has such a good eye! She had a way of making us feel comfortable. I’ve never done well with the posed photos. I never knew what to do! Stacy didn’t pose us thank goodness. We just acted the way we normally do and she snapped photos! It was great.

Trey also had a few tricks up his sleeve…
Our second location was on the side of the road near some train tracks.  Just as we finished taking some pics in front of this beautiful fence, the train came by. Stacy sent us out to take some pics in front of the train. We were literally in the middle of the road! Trey picked me up and swung me around. I think he tried to warn me before he picked me up, but I didn’t hear him due to the sound of the train! I cannot wait to see how those pictures turned out!
In previous blogs, I have mentioned I am not scared one bit about getting married again. Even though we have only known each other for just over a year, and some may feel we are rushing this… when it is right, it is right! I know he will sit on the front porch with me in our rocking chairs when we are 95. I know he will take care of me when I’m sick. I know he will not go out and buy living room furniture without talking to me about it first. I know he will love me when I’m grey and wrinkly. I know no matter what, he will be with me until God calls one of us home. I KNOW with every ounce of my being that he will be beside me for the rest of my life. I know he is my best friend and I am his. So even though this may seem “thrown together” or “rushed”, I feel like we have a better grip on what is going on than some people who may have dated 3+ years and were engaged for a year or more.  We have both been through what may resemble hell in previous relationships, so we know what is important and what is not. We both know what we have is what we each have waited on and prayed for our entire lives.

Yesterday, Stacy gave us a gift. She gave us an amazing book about the first year of marriage and how important that first year is. I have read books on marriage before, but this book brought tears to my eyes after reading just the first two chapters. I have no doubt in my mind the first year will be a huge adjustment for us. I know it will be hard at times. I know it isn’t going to always be rainbows, sunshine, bouquets of roses, and happy days. It will be hard. However hard it may be, I know we can handle it… TOGETHER. This is no longer just about me. We are a team now. As cheesy as it may sound, it is true. In all honesty though, it really isn’t just all about Kari & Trey. God put us together. Through Him we finally made it to this point in our lives and through Him we will live our lives, raise our little Bell babies, and live happily ever after. A good marriage is based on Him. Loving my husband is me loving God. Respecting my husband is me obeying God’s commands.

After May 26th, we will be husband and wife. The wedding planning will be over, but the marriage planning has just begun. . .