On This Day…

Today we celebrated another year of Gavin Chase laughter, fun, crazy faces, and love. I couldn’t help but think… “Wow. Eight years ago on this day I still had a baby boy in my belly. THAT baby boy was still in my belly.”

October 2, 2003

I don’t remember exactly what I did the day before Gavin was born. I just remember I had a doctor appointment at Dr. Stockton’s office late in the afternoon. My mom went with me. We left the doctor’s office that evening knowing that Dr. Stockton was getting ready to yet again go out of town. We would be getting a call later that evening from the hospital (or one of his nurses) to let us know if an induction would be an option.  Much later that evening, that phone call finally came. I was terrified, but after talking with the nurse, my parents and I decided I would go ahead and be induced while Dr. Stockton was still in town. On October 2, 2003… I didn’t sleep at all. I was ready to meet the little boy in my belly who didn’t even have a name yet.

October 3, 2003

At 7:10pm I fell in love. As soon as little Gavin (who was named 2 hours before I started pushing thanks to help from Rachel Lowe, Eccho Staples, Callie Martin, Lashonda Holt, my daddy, & probably a nurse or two) was born, I cried tears of happiness and told my mom, “He is so cute!”.  He was so cute and so perfect. My prayers had been answered…I had prayed every night since I found out I was pregnant for God to please let me have a healthy baby. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for Him to give me the strength to be a teenage single mom.  

So here we are eight years later. Wow. I’m still praying for God to keep my baby healthy. Each night we pray for forgiveness for our shortcomings. Tonight we thanked God for bringing us together eight years ago.

Happy Almost Birthday to Gavin! I love you, little pumpkin!